How are the meals usually delivered?

All Meals are delivered cold, and come with heating instructions if required. 

How are meals prepared?

All meals and packages are prepared onsite by our fantastic chefs. 

How will my order be transported?

All deliveries are transported in a refrigerated vehicle. This ensures all meals and packages are delivered safely, securely and in perfect condition. 

Is CTC Food Delivery Service COVID Safe?

The CTC Food Delivery Service has a detailed COVID Safe Plan, where all necessary steps have been taken to manage risks. Social distancing will be practiced by our delivery driver and all team members, who will be wearing a fitted mask as per Victorian government protocols. 

How do I receive help with the ordering process and/or issues relating to my delivery? 

If you have an issue with your order or delivery please contact us by emailing catering@cranbourneturfclub.com.au. This email is monitored frequently so we will be sure to answer your query as quickly as possible. 

Are there any other ways to place my order?

All orders are required to be placed online by visiting catering.cranbourneturfclub.com.au